CompuCare is a name that is synonymous with world-class after-sales care and technical maintenance service in Hong Kong. Because of its highly admirable reputation and professionalism, Fujitsu has appointed CompuCare as its sole service provider for LifeBook, DeskPower, LOOX, and Stylist in Hong Kong. Its outstanding service standard has also attracted the attention of LG who has now enlisted the company to be its sole service provider for its notebooks.

CompuCare is at the forefront of providing integrated outsource-specialist services not just in repairs and maintenance but also helpdesk and call center services to leading brands of notebook computer manufacturers. It has worked alongside Sunlite since its establishment in 2003. Finally in January 2006, it seized the opportunity to become a member of the well-established Sunlite so that it can leverage the resources and optimize their business in providing IT Consulting and Management service. The new partnership will certainly intensify the efforts of the two companies to grow their business in achieving win-win for both.

In addition to technical skills, CompuCare engineers and specialists are also trained to combine quality solutions with a commitment to deliver full satisfaction to its customers. CompuCare's mission is to achieve the 3Ps: Provide service and Products to achieve more Productivity.

Scope of Service
CompuCare is a Total Service Solution Provider with successful track records in the following service areas:

IT Consulting
eBusiness, and Process Management Delivery

IT Infrastructure Management
Infrastructure and System Management, Networking Solutions, Security, and Security Scanning

IT Outsourcing and Managed Services
Procurement, Installation, Helpdesk, Network Management, Asset Management, Project Management, and Migration

System Integration and Solution
System Integration Services, System Solutions, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and Finance

Product Supports:
Notebooks and Handhelds
Fujitsu LifeBook, LOOX, Stylist
LG notebook

Fujitsu DeskPower

Extended Service Plan
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