Our Business to Reduce Electronic Waste
Previously an independent company, e2Trade became a branch of Sunlite in January 2006. Since its establishment in 2004. e2Trade's business has been guided by an operating principle consists of three “Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our mission is to minimize computer waste ended up in the diminishing landfills. We BUY used notebooks and PCs and resell them to the territories where they are needed the most. We RENT the refreshed machines to projects for short term usage. We DONATE the usable machines to charity organizations. We DELIVER the unusable machines and components to licensed recyclers.

Every year, a significant number of notebooks and PCs are disposed to give way to more powerful notebooks but many of the old notebooks are still in good operating condition. This is where e2Trade can come in. We welcome companies to contact us for a quotation to clear the unwanted computers, furthermore, we can help them recover the residual value of their asset.

Once the old notebooks and computers are delivered to our workshop, our technicians will immediately remove and destroy all the data and proprietary software from the harddisk to avoid any security risk. For those usable machines, e2Trade's sales team can resell them to developing countries with the necessary upgrade. For those unusable machines, we try to recover the components and parts for reuse. Computer scraps and possible hazardous materials will be disposed by licensed chemical waste disposal companies. At e2Trade, we believe our business to reduce electronic waste is a win-win for all.

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