Sunlite Computronics Limited has come a long way since it was established in 1988.  The company is now one of the fastest growing notebook computer distribution companies in Hong Kong.   It operates in synergy with four branches, MCL, King's Technology, CompuCare, and e2Trade, that have been brought under Sunlite since January 2006.  The consolidation is part of a strategic move to reinforce Sunlite's business platform for further business expansion in the coming decades.

Sunlite specializes in the distribution of notebook computers and IT equipment.  The company is a highly respected distributor and service provider who offers the latest innovative product solutions at competitive prices.  It has established an extensive distribution network comprising of retail shops, chain-stores, dealers and systems integrators.   Over the years, the company has been able to partner with leading computer manufacturers such as Fujitsu, LG, NEC, HP Compaq, Lenovo. It is one of the first companies in Hong Kong to market ComeMon plasma displays of various sizes .    Sunlite is a trusted partner to the vendors and dealers whose common mission is to deliver the leading edge technology and innovative products to satisfy the customers.

Sunlite is committed to providing customers and vendors with the best possible services and solutions. The company is well-regarded for its professionalism, competence and foresights in the retail market.

It has fostered strong ties with major dealers and system integrators in Hong Kong and has secured steadfast business commitments from leading companies including ASL, JOS, Microware, Expert Systems, to name just a few. The company also specializes in the distribution of computers and supporting services directed towards the education and government sectors, and works closely with small-to-medium sized enterprises and large corporations in meeting their IT requirements.
The company is operating on a unique vertical distribution platform which can ensure flexible pricing management and stock availabity to its customers. Leveraging its extensive retail network, Sunlite has more flexibility in adjusting the retail pricing structure of the notebooks under its distribution.  As the company can work out precise sales forecast it can commit a stable sales volume to vendors throughout the whole year.  Consequently the company can therefore negotiate favorable terms and pricing structures for retail outlets and corporate customers.

As the sole distributor of Fujitsu notebooks, Sunlite has dedicated resources to drive sales of Fujitsu notebooks since the beginning of 1998.  Sales of Fujitsu notebooks in Hong Kong have been increased to attain the second largest marketshare in the third quarter of 2001. (Source: IDC Asia Pacific). Working in close partnership with IT vendors, retail outlets and corporate customers, experienced sales professionals at Sunlite are skilled to understand and fulfill their requirements.

Furthermore, Sunlite's retail channels, which also cover major electronics and computer malls, provide a value-added market reach for partner-vendors. With its unique vertical business model and dedicated resources, Sunlite's partner - vendors will get long-term benefits of increased market share in various sectors including government, education, small-to-medium enterprises, and large corporations.  Sunlite's sale professionals are keen to work closely with IT vendors in promoting their brands in order to maximize sales.  Strongly believe in “Their success is our success”, Sunlite is keen to share its market experience and expertise with business partners and IT vendors.  It is prepared to offer timely support to its business partners in IT projects.  One of Sunlite's missions is to leverage its professional expertise and well established network across three different market segments – retail, chain-store, and the traditional commercial market to achieve win-win for all.

Sunlite often join hands with its branches to provide seamless service to its business partners, retailers and dealer channels. The four branches --- Mobile Computer Land (MCL), King's Technology, CompuCare and e2Trade --- combine their skills, strengths, and experience to achieve the common goals and build a unique business platform.  However, each company carries a unique mission as well.

MCL is the master distributor of Fujitsu LifeBook, tablet PCs and PDAs in Hong Kong. King's Technology is the sole distributor of LG notebooks and handles the retail distribution of NEC notebooks. CompuCare is a notebook service provider specializing in outsourced hardware repairs and maintenance services. The company has extended it services to cover both helpdesk and call center support. e2Trade focuses on recycling of used notebooks and  it has a team of technicians specializing in refurbishing and reconditioning notebooks for special resale.
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