As the sole distributor of some leading brands of notebook computers in Hong Kong and the Greater China, Sunlite has adopted the Vertical Distribution Model to help notebook manufacturers (suppliers) gain further marketshare and achieve maximum sales. The model, which can ensure more accurate forecasts on required inventory and market demands, has to a large extent helped Sunlite negotiate more competitive prices from the suppliers, and the benefits are than passed on to the business partners and customers.

The Vertical Distribution Model also helps the company address the issue of dedicated resources in meeting the changing needs of specific vertical markets.  Unlike the traditional distribution models, Sunlite's Vertical Distribution Model is not “industry-specific”, rather it is a model that has included the suppliers at the top tier to retailers, dealers, systems integrators, small-to-medium size enterprises, corporate customers and down to individual customers.  The model also fuses synergy with Sunlite's business platform encompassing four branch companies and six retails outlets. The Vertical Distribution Model has worked to the advantage of Sunlite for many years, and has brought satisfaction to Sunlite's many suppliers, business partners and customers. 
  • Dedicated Resources to Serve in Different Sectors:
    Sunlite sees the need of specialization in serving its customers.  It has assigned dedicated professionals to manage and develop customer relationship in different market segments.  A team has been set up to serve the education and government sectors covering K-12 education segment (primary and secondary schools), institutions of higher education, and various government departments.   The team, which is made up of accounts manager, marketing executives, and technical specialists, specializes in handling government tenders for IT projects.  Team members work closely with the responsible parties on the customer's side who are usually responsible for writing the product specifications and testing policies.  Furthermore, the Sunlite team also works with dealers to ensure timely and quality delivery and efficient after-sales services are provided to the education and government sectors.

    Sunlite employs a telesales team to extend market coverage and to generate new sales-leads.  From time to time, we offer customized programs to stimulate the demands of some niche market segments, such programs have included the Employee Purchase Program (EPP), special discount program for students, and special bundling program to promote notebooks sales. Both small-to-medium enterprises and large corporations can enjoy the EPP offered by Sunlite.  We also put in place some targeted programs to promote the brands of notebooks under our distribution.  In addition to establishing ourselves as the preferred distributor to the corporate customers, we have been successful in helping our suppliers gain new marketshare and reinforce their market position.

    To achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction, we also partner with system integrators such as JOS, ASL, and Microware to provide all-inclusive, as well as seamless, services to our customers.  We are prepared to offer our expertise and assistance during various phases of their IT project implementation.  With teamwork we can achieve win-win for all --- our customers, our system integrator partners, our suppliers and our company.

  • Functional versus Logistics Distributor
    Sunlite regards itself a “functional distributor” who proactively helps its notebook suppliers gain marketshare and promote brand awareness.  In Hong Kong, the traditional distributors are regarded as “horizontal distributors” who usually take up the role of  logistics managers in helping the suppliers push sales. However, horizontal distributors are generally less effective in pushing new products or marketshare, this is because horizontal distributors handle more than a thousand products at the same time making it very difficult to allocate resources to promote a particular product line.

    Recognizing the gap, Sunlite often partners with notebook suppliers and business partners to roll out  promotion campaigns and roadshows to help suppliers launch new models.  At the roadshows our sale representatives can help customers better understand the new product edge, and in the long run such shows can help generate sales and build a better brand image.

  • Sunlite's Extended Retail Network
    Sunlite has also extended its presence in the retail scene.  Our company has set up six retail outlets located in major computer malls around Hong Kong to serve individual customers.  In addition, we have signed up agreements with leading retail chains as our key alliance partners, including Boardway, 3C Digital, Citicall, Wise Computer, Computer Gallery, GST Computer, and Tai Lin.  Taking full advantage of our partners' well-established retail networks, Sunlite can enjoy a much wider coverage in the retail segment.  Furthermore,  our partners can help us execute some important functions including pricing control, product volume control, branding and promotions, and logistics management.

  • Minimized Order Lead-time
    To be ahead of the market competition, managing order lead-time is of critical importance in business, especially it is tied  to customer satisfaction. With a comprehensive retail network comprising Sunlite's own outlets and those of the alliance partners, Sunlite can flexibly leverage its inventory to reduce order lead-time. Because of steady turnover throughout the year, we can take in large lots of stock from notebook suppliers, holding a volume as reserve to maintain a consistent supply to the retail market. Meanwhile, the reserve can serve as a buffer allowing us to give faster responds to business partners and corporate customers in a time of need.
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