King's and LG
King's is LG's sole distributor for notebook computers in Hong Kong and Macau. As a strategic partner, our mission is to help LG further penetrate the vibrant Hong Kong and Macau markets by leveraging our extensive distribution networks. We offer our frontline experience to help LG understand the markets and customer expectations. In the area of customer care, we take care of the warranty service for LG notebook customers and have set up the LG Hong Kong Service Center which is operated and supported by CompuCare, a branch of Sunlite. King's and LG are working toward a common objective of raising customer satisfaction.

King's and NEC
King's and NEC have worked as strategic partners since 2000. King's is committed to extending NEC market coverage in Hong Kong by capitalizing on Sunlite's established sales and retail network. As NEC's master distributor of notebook computers, we work closely with NEC in formulating sales strategy and exploring new opportunities in the niche market segments.

King's and Panansonic
In 2006, King's has been selected as the master distributor of Panansonic notebook computers in Hong Kong. King's sales and marketing teams are able to make accurate forecasts that are responsive to market change. As a strategic partner, our objective is to provide value-added services to the business partners and customers in the competitive environment.

King's and Goldensoft
In 2004, King's became authorized distributor of Goldensoft Tehnology Taiwan Inc. in in Hong Kong and Macau. King's sales and marketing teams are able to use existing sales channels, to promote Recovery Genius and Net Recovery Genius software product in a effective way.

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