MCL and Fujitsu
As the world is advancing fast with new technologies, MCL, together with Sunlite, joins hands with Fujitsu to establish a platform that is capable of helping customers realize their dreams with its exciting technology and leading edge electronic devices. Working with CompuCare, a Sunlite branch that has been appointed as the authorized service provider for Fujitsu PC products in Hong Kong, MCL is committed to driving further success for Fujitsu in the territory.

Fujitsu delivered its first product in Hong Kong in 1959. In the early days Fujitsu focused mainly on mainframe technology. Over the years Fujitsu has successfully diversified into other product areas but the company is still responsible for 90% of the mainframe installations in the various bureaus and departments of the Hong Kong SAR government. MCL is proud to play a key role in helping Fujitsu expand the notebook business in Hong Kong.

MCL and Fujitsu share the same value on customer satisfaction and product excellence. Fujitsu notebooks have received numerous international awards for its design and leading-edge technology. To learn more about Fujitsu, please visit:

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